Artist Bios

Blakenship Jr., William Dean – William aka Bill aka 3!LL is an American artist with numerous credits to his name, including art chores on Abigail & Rox. He is also the mastermind behind the online comics experiment known as Special Edition. Grim contributions: Letters on Dark Art.

Boudreau, Chad – Chad is the founder and writer of The Grim Collection. His other work includes Friar & Brimstone, Black Salt, Psychosis, and various other short comics and fiction. He lives in Canada. Oh, he also owns a comic shop.

Carey, Robert – Robert is an Irish comic book artist known for The Indifference Engine. He is also a regular contributor, Artistic Director, Managing Editor, and co-founder of publisher Lightning Strike. Grim contributions: Art on On the Other Side of the Bridge.

Dela Fuente, Wilson – Wilson is an artist and letterer from the Philippines who studied at the FZD School of Design in Singapore. You can find him on Facebook, Twitter and Grim contributions: Art and lettering on The Dig.

Dollman, ET – Marco “ET Dollman” Della Verde has lettered comics published by Comics Experience Publishing/IDW, Image Comics, AC Comics, McFarland Books, Markosia, Arcana and Moonstone Books. He has also written for Heavy Metal Magazine, AC Comics, and Stache Publishing. He can be found online at Grim contributions: Letters on On the Other Side of the Bridge.

Howe, Ryan – Ryan Howe is a comic book artist, illustrator, and graphic designer from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He has several credits to his name including the ongoing Web comic Daisy Blackwood Pilot For Hire. Grim contributions: Art on Undiscovered; letters on Those Who Devour.

Magalhães, Manoel  – Manoel is a Brazilian artist best known for Bicycle Cop Dave and Brand & Reese. He and I have collaborated on a couple things that, alas, never saw the light of day. Grim contributions: Art on Orphan.

Mapa, Butch – Butch Mapa is an illustrator and graphic novelist with a decade of experience, having been published by Zenescope, Top Shelf, Image, Upper Deck, and many others. Grim contributions: Art on Those Who Devour.

Smith, S.T. – Steve Smith has an edgy style using mixed media and digital painting. To be honest I lost contact with Steve when he moved. I’m not sure where he is and what he’s doing (and with a name like Steve Smith, a simple Internet search doesn’t do the trick), but I hope he’s still making comics because he has talent. Grim contributions: Art and letters on Cutter’s Reward.

Sward, Adam – Adam Sward is an American artist on the rise. He designs CD covers, poster art and is a tattoo artist. Grim contributions: Art on Dark Art.

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